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Our Knowledge is Your Advantage

Knowledge Advantage, Inc. (KAI) provides expertise in Knowledge Management, Information Technology, Program Management and Support, Leadership Development and Training, and Workforce Development to commercial companies and Government agencies throughout the U.S. KAI combines leading-edge technologies and state-of-the-art management practices to deliver comprehensive solutions that support critical mission needs and business initiatives.

KAI's team of experts deliver our proven capabilities in three dimensions of excellence

KAI's goal is to provide our clients with high-quality services, on time and on budget. Our experienced personnel work with our clients to determine their needs, and carefully craft a solution tailored to meet the client's specific requirements. KAI is a flexible, agile, responsive company with one overarching objective—ensuring that our clients are fully and completely satisfied with our services.

  • 1 People

  • 2 Process

  • 3 Technology

Achieving Mission Success

Our past and present clients include government departments and agencies, private sector companies, and non-profit organizations:

Department of Defense, Washington Headquarters Services, Process Optimization

KAI analyzed WHS processes and business practices related to BCTF and FACA committee support, and designed and implemented automated workflows for support activities to improve process efficiency using SharePoint 2010.

US Army, Army Knowledge Leaders (AKLeaders) Program

KAI designed, implemented, and managed a program to recruit highly-qualified college graduates, with the goal of developing an elite cadre of IT Management (ITM) professionals with leadership, business, knowledge sharing, and management skills.

US Food and Drug Administration, Leadership and Development Training

KAI performed 360° assessments of highly-qualified, expert scientific staff, as well as a group assessment of the divisions involved, delivered a series of two-day trainings on communication, management, and conflict resolution, and provided executive coaching to managers, team leaders, and executives.

Department of Homeland Security, Acquisition Program Management

KAI ensured program goals were achieved within budgetary and other constraints by providing program management expertise and strategic planning that aligns program- level acquisition strategies and contract requirements with DHS missions and requirements.

NAMEADSMA, Integrated Collaborative Environment System

Using SharePoint, KAI President & CEO Director of Marketing designed, developed, and implemented an integrated information system that allows disparate working groups to store, manage, and track data as an online

Fast Facts

Founded in 1999 by Bel Leong-Hong

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